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Five Great Tips For Better Sales Conversions

As an eCommerce merchant, you already know the importance of closing sales quickly with the tools you have on your website. But many merchants still rely on the “if you build it they will come” mentality. Online sales are not just about “online tactics”.

These days offline persona is just as important as your online persona. If a customer is hesitating on buying from your website — they will most likely contact you before making a final decision to purchase.

Here are a few very important online and offline tactics that can help you translate conversions into absolute sales…

1. Don’t hide your contact information.

At bare minimum — display your main contact phone number in your website header. If you build your contact information into your header graphic — it gives prospective buyers notice and assurance that you’re available and ready for their business.

2. Immediate Response gets the highest conversion.

When a customer calls — interact with them right away. Don't leave your customers hanging in a long winded recording on your phone system. And don't have them jump through department hoops. It's simple — if you use an automated phone system to handle call routing — "Press 1 for Sales & Customer Service" should always be the first item available to select.

—When the sales phone does ring — drop everything! That customer is looking for responsiveness from you. Review your sales ring practices and ensure you're answering the calls quickly.

Email responsiveness is no exception! Quite often the quickest sales happen because of the quickest email responses. Sales responses through email should be within a few minutes — NOT hours.

3. Arm your Sales Agents.

Make sure your sales agents are armed with the right knowledge. Product knowledge is key to obtaining and retaining future business from customers. If you have multiple product lines — it’s a good practice to delegate specific sales agents to specific product lines. This ensures that a sales rep becomes a "specialist" in their designated product line(s) to help customers more effectively and efficiently.

4. Ship orders the same day.

When you ship the same day, and use the automated Santu/Total Care Check-out facilities, your customers are advised of their order every step of the way. Immediate/automatic communication to your customers of their order shipment can lead to quick sales later on. Read More…

5. Engage your customers with a Bottomless Sales Funnel

A closed sale is not a dead end. Continue to connect and communicate with your customer even after they have purchased. Whether you communicate with them through social media, newsletters or direct mail campaigns - the fun should never stop!

A quick and dirty simple idea is to use your 'Thank You" page as a target redirector for new and existing customers. Read More…


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