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ShopFactory Time Saving Forgotten Features

If you're like most merchants, you probably don't have enough time in the day to do all the things that need to be done. But that's where ShopFactory comes in! Over the years we have released new time saving features — which can help add hours back into your day so you can focus on other tasks.

In this newsletter we've compiled a short list of time saving features you may have forgotten about or missed...

Create Product Templates

Product templates are a great time saving feature for copying values from one product to others in your shop. With it you can add, adjust and duplicate product attributes and options to entire sets of products globally or per page. The great thing is you can create product templates from existing products in a flash!  Find out how

Apply a shop wide discount to specific Brands or Attribute Codes

This feature is handy for running specials or applying price changes across entire brands or attribute codes on products. If your manufacturer changes prices yearly, or if you want to just run a “time limited” discount special promotion on product groups - you can implement those changes quickly with this tool. It allows you to apply discounts based on Brand, Manufacturer Codes, Product Codes, Distributor Codes and Price Codes. Find out how

Recommended / Related Products

Ever wanted an automated sales person to help sell “Related Products” on your website? ShopFactory already includes a Recommended Products tool to help increase your sales online. You can quickly enable this feature globally in your shop to start showing automated “Recommended & Related Products” on product pages. ShopFactory will automatically show the related products to your customers. And they can add to cart without leaving the page! Find out how

Cleanup Unused Files On The Server

In eCommerce - host Maintenance is an ugly word. But, ShopFactory helps you with house cleaning in a matter of seconds! Over the course of daily business unused files can build up on your host server for a variety of reasons. And, the files take up valuable hosting space. Files can build up from deleted products, abandoned page set-ups and other tasks - and we all forget about them until it’s time to do house cleaning on the host. That’s where the Cleanup Unused Files feature comes in handy. With a couple clicks - your house cleaning is done! Find out how

Completely delete/remove products from your shop

ShopFactory has a safety feature called “The Recycle Bin”. Although this can be a life saver, if you accidentally delete products or pages while working in your shop - it can be a bit of a nuisance from time to time if you don’t clear it completely. If you have products that still show up online, and have previously deleted them from your shop pages - it could be they are still in the recycle bin! Don’t forget to also use the aforementioned Cleanup Unused Files tool. Once you clear your Recycle Bin and use the Cleanup tool - all related server files will be removed. This is especially important since Google will continue to cache your deleted product pages until you do the cleanup properly. Find out how


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