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Coming Soon — Developer Super Templates

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ShopFactory has been hard at work developing a new solution for website developers and power users!

We will have a new tool which allows website developers to design and create their very own theme templates. This new tool will make it easier for a developer to create theme templates without extensive knowledge of the inner workings of ShopFactory.

These new "Super Templates" will provide the developer with quick streamlined tools to import/export templates, entire theme or parts of the theme construction — and restrict design access so their customer’s can focus on building their content for their online business!

Once you have developed a Super Template — your customer will be able to simply unpack it and install it into a new or existing shop with ease. And each theme you create will include it’s own thumbnail screenshot so you and your customers can easily identify different versions if you make changes.

As a developer, you’ll find this will be an excellent value add tool for your customer base. You will be able to upsell your designs to your clients — and earn a higher margin like never before. 


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