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Writing a good Quick Buy Proposition

Take two minutes to read this - I’ll put $50.00 in your pocket.

Well, it’s as simple as that. Writing a good “Quick Buy Proposition” amounts to one thing:

Getting the visitor or buyer to engage on something - by offering them something to sweeten the deal. “What’s in it for me” from the buyer’s perspective is the key ingredient!

ShopFactory already has these tools in place for you to use. You just have to use them properly. You can offer enticing statements on products like: Buy this, get one free; Buy this, get free shipping; Buy X(more of the same item) and get X(something else free), etc.

You can also consider offering a voucher or discount on future orders, or a “time limited” offer like: Buy now and save 10% before time runs out. ShopFactory allows you to set-up any product with a close off date and time as well.

The Quick Buy Proposition is a well known tactic and works in many sales cases. And they’re all included with ShopFactory!

Just remember to use it sparingly on focus products, and keep your Quick Buy Proposition clear and concise. You can of course leave the details and limitations in the fine print.

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* Notes :

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* The Quick Buy Proposition is designed to provoke an emotional buying response. It may not work on robots or cats :)

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