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Mobile Traffic Serves Up Big Increases

It's no small wonder that eCommerce merchants have seen major increases in mobile device use. Sales of Smartphones hit a staggering 1.86 billion in 2013 — and a forecast of an expected 6.6 billion mobile devices will be in use by the end of 2017.

In 2013, merchants have reported increases in traffic from mobile phone users in upwards of 29% over 2012. About 10% of those merchants reported 27% of their revenue can be directly tied to mobile device and mobile application use.

One thing you may not have noticed from the figures above — by 2017 mobile phone use will outnumber the World’s actual population. To simplify it - it is expected that there will be approximately 2 mobile devices to every person on the planet. It is also fore-casted that by the end of 2014 — mobile device use will overtake desktop use on the internet.

So why are you not up to speed with getting your website up to par with Mobile Device use?
It’s quite easy now that ShopFactory 10 has mobile compatibility built right in! You don’t even need to do anything. ShopFactory 10 makes it easy for you — all you do is publish your website and the mobile version & check-out are already in place. It’s that easy!

Even shops built in older versions of ShopFactory 7, 8 or 9 can be imported into ShopFactory 10 with-in minutes. Then all you do is republish over your older shop online and you’re all set with Mobile Compatibility!

In deeper consideration of the above facts & figures, I’d say 2017 is already here. Take a good look at your own house & business right now. As an example, in my own household — both my wife and I have an iPad & Smart Phone (Android mobile devices). Our two kids also have their own tablets & iPods.

How many people in your business are already using multiple mobile devices — in conjunction with their work desktop PC’s?

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