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How To Get Trust From Online Shoppers

The amount of people that are doing their shopping online continues to increase rapidly. eCommerce websites will continue to take a higher percentage of sales from brick and mortar stores as shoppers realize and appreciate the convenience and ease of online shopping.

As online shopping has become more popular, one of the barriers that eCommerce sites have had to overcome is the perception of a lack of security over the personal information of buyers. If online retailers are not able to make visitors feel confident that they are safe to buy online, no purchase will be made.

For any business that hopes to make sales online, establishing trust should be a priority. When users have no hesitation to trust the seller and provide the necessary information, the business has a chance to succeed.

In this article we'll cover six different things that you can do to help visitors feel more comfortable and to encourage purchases through trust.


1. Display Your Security Affiliations

ShopFactory already includes all your security features, like SSL. It is a good idea to display your Trust logo in your website header if you can, and using the Santu / GlobeCharge logo will provide indication to your customers that your site is secure. Even when they get to the cart, the visitor can click on the secure trust logo to view your certificate.

2. Build a Brand Name

Many of your buyers will be more likely to feel comfortable buying from a company that they know. People don't generally worry about online purchases unless they feel like they are giving their credit card information to someone that they don't know.

While you may not be able to build this type of brand recognition, the same thing can apply on a smaller scale. Focus on building a brand name and reputation and visitors will likely be more trusting.

3. Give a Guarantee

Some online sellers try to put visitors at ease by offering a money back guarantee and by publishing the details on their website. This can help, but guarantees are only as good as the company that stands behind them. Adding a guarantee isn't a bad idea, but don't rely on it as your only method of encouraging visitors to trust you.

4. Show Your Return Policies

It's not uncommon for online purchases to be returned. Part of the reason is that the buyer cannot see the items in person, and sometimes they are surprised when it arrives. Buyers know that there is some risk in making online purchases, so they like to know the return policies of the seller.

5. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

Not everyone likes to pay for online purchases the same way. If your eCommerce site offers limited options you could be losing sales and you're not showing your customers that you are concerned about helping them to have a comfortable buying experience. Allow them to use as many types of credit card as possible, and consider PayPal and/or bank transfers. It is also a good idea to display your accepted payment methods in our website header image if you can.

6. Have a Site that Looks Professional

Visitors tend to evaluate the professionalism and legitimacy of a business by the quality of the website. Having a site that looks like it was designed by an amateur will make the business look a little bit more suspicious. Spend the money to get a quality, professional design and your visitors will take you more seriously. ShopFactory takes care of a great deal of this automatically for you. You can use and modify the free themes or choose from custom and preset themes online.

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