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Quite often we’re even surprised at how well some of our customers do when they move over to ShopFactory. Well, okay just a little surprised. After all, we designed ShopFactory to do just that.

Of course, how you use it is part of the battle — but when all the pieces fit together — MAGIC happens!

Here is a quick highlight from one of our customers who switched over to ShopFactory from another solution. And in just 9 weeks…

I am experiencing a 50%+ increase in online sales since switching to ShopFactory 9 — that is an approximate amount in sales. The website hits have improved around 900%. This all started in under one week after publishing our ShopFactory store. And it is increasing each week.

Here are my hit counter stats (our original website is still active too):

  • On our original website which is still active - we have had 1,220 hits in the last 9 weeks.
  • Since I started with the ShopFactory store live (9 weeks ago) we have had 12,436 hits on the new website.

I would like to upgrade to the shop factory 10 so we can have a mobile website as well and you can use this in your newsletter or any promotions. The reason for my upgrade — to get more hits and sales using the mobile website.

I have recommended Shop Factory to a few people I know, as I now believe in what I'm seeing happening — it's in the numbers above. That's proof enough.

Others I have told about ShopFactory are just after a shopping cart plug-in. Some people have already contacted you and they have have been impressed with the quick response of email and call back with their inquiries.

Anyway thank you once again for the information and hope to hear from you soon — I look forward to continuing the growth with ShopFactory 10 now released. Take a look at our website if you like. The link is at bottom of this email.

Thanks again, have a great day.

Andy Stevens.


Congratulations Andy — we wish and hope the successful growth continues for you in the coming New Year! If not in the next 9 weeks! :-)


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