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ShopFactory 10 out now: Better and more mobile

We have just released ShopFactory 10 — our best ShopFactory ever! Do more with fewer click with the brand new interface. Make your stores work perfectly on all devices — from mobile phones right up to desktop PCs. And that's just the beginning.

Work smarter, not harder!

With ShopFactory 10 you can do more with less work using some exciting new features. With this release - we've raised the bar on saving you time when building one shop or multiple shops with ShopFactory Gold!

ShopFactory 10 comes with a new and improved interface with Full View Editor.

That’s right - edit your website while seeing the whole site - not just smaller content areas. View the entire page layout as you would expect to see it live when you publish. You no longer have to “preview out to your browser” and can work in full view mode!


Let’s face it...

Why build a separate “Mobile Website” when ShopFactory 10 can do it all for you!

Simply build your normal shop as you always have, then publish it. ShopFactory 10 automatically creates and uploads a "New Mobile Responsive Design" for you. That’s it!
When someone visits your site on a mobile phone, they’ll automatically view it in the responsive design mode.


Here are a few more of the new features and functions for building and updating your store in ShopFactory 10:

New product and page wizards: Get more done with fewer clicks.

Transfer products between ShopFactory stores.

Improved image management — switch between product styles with ease (new products only).

Disable HTML areas without deleting them.

Wysiwyg editor for your HTML areas — Easily add extra information areas to your website.

Discount all products matching a criteria such as Brand, manufacturer code, product code, price code or distributor code.

Create products from templates — generate your products faster than ever.

Improved Import Wizard for easier repeat importing or updating of stock levels.

Improved List view: Product indicator shows if "Buy Now" button/cart function is turned On or Off on a product.

Powerful internal editor product search and bulk changing of products.

Improved stock level management — update only changed products, import stock levels with ImportWizard.

Image slideshow now includes additional images.

Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 compatible.


New features are not just limited to you as the merchant - There are new features for your customers too!
Make your customer's buying experience better and easier on your ShopFactory 10 website…

  • Allow buying directly from related product links — add "Buy Now" buttons to linked products.
  • New navigation style 10-MMV_1 with great image support.
  • New image zoom function: Mouseover on product images to view details without clicking.
  • Option image and product pages improved for clarity.
  • Add to basket button dialog improved to work better on mobile devices.
  • Automatic product recommendations based on customer purchases.
  • Show quantity discounts on product pages - make discount more obvious to get more sales.
  • Cookie warning support (now required by law in some countries).
  • Allow customers to repeat a failed transaction, repeat past orders, view past orders and FAST CHECK-OUT with ease with Santu Express Check-out!

ShopFactory 10 also contains many more functions and enhancements for selling online like never before. Buy or Upgrade to ShopFactory 10 today!


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