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Go for the Gold — ShopFactory!

Build multiple websites with ShopFactory Gold; Gold — it's not only a precious metal. It's a valuable business tool for managing your online presence!

Whether you’re looking to build multiple web stores for your own company, or you build websites for others – ShopFactory Gold empowers you with all the rich features and tools you need.

Just like the metal — ShopFactory Gold is also the most malleable of performers when you need flexibility in design and rich content features for managing online shops. It has everything you need for saving time with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), designing themes, building multi-language websites, and product merchandising.

ShopFactory Gold also includes Total Care Premium services for:

  • Managing your orders online, setting up discount vouchers, and customer memberships,
  • Setting up resellers and affiliates,
  • Selling and delivering Digital Goods and
  • Tracking your online advertising campaigns.

Now, ShopFactory Gold also includes Santu Express Check-out

Your customers can create a Santu Express Check-out account to store all their data to make it easier when ordering from you! They can track their orders and view past orders, and quickly create new orders from previously placed orders – leaving you with satisfied customers over and over again!

When looking to upgrade, or considering ShopFactory for your online store — Go for the Gold! And with our ShopFactory 10 release just around the corner — you get access to advance access to new web development features just being released!

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