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Improving Sales With Multilingual Support On Your Website

One of the most effective ways you can improve sales on your website is to add multi-language support. If you have not considered adding multi-language capabilities — you could be missing out on some very large markets. Even if you only sell inside your own country.

As an example, Canada has a very large French based market. English and French are national Standard Languages. Many larger sites offer content in both languages in the Canadian market. But, Asian languages are also a major growing market base in Canada. The total French and Chinese market in Canada is approximately 24.5% of the total population (Source: StatCan 2011 figures)

In the US, English is still the largest market. But, when you combine other languages such as Hispanic/Spanish and Asian - the potential growth market for your business is huge. These two markets alone, based on 2010 ethnicity figures (Source: account for 65,151,846 of the population. To put that into perspective, that is 21.1 percent of the total population based on 2010 statistics.

As of June 2012, both these North American markets combined have an internet user penetration of 78.6% of the population. Which still makes North America the highest internet user region in the world (Source: Internet World Stats).

ShopFactory Gold makes your life as an online merchant a whole lot easier when it comes to Multi-language websites. Even if you are currently using ShopFactory Pro, you can upgrade to the Gold version at any time.

Because ShopFactory already includes automatic International support for over 30 languages and currencies World Wide - all you do is simply enable your selected languages. You can then input your content for your base/main language & alternate languages with ease. Even if you are only able to add one or two additional languages for some of your pages and product - you can begin effectively increasing sales as well as customer satisfaction (the above mentioned languages are a good starting point as they are also the highest trending online shopping growth markets).

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