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The perfect sales pitch

Writing a perfect sales pitch is all about presentation. This is the key factor in the final buying decision your customers will make when purchasing from your website.

Writing a perfect sales pitch is all about presentation. This is the key factor in the final buying decision your customers will make when purchasing from your website. Presentation is not just an image or a photo, with a title for a product — It's about persona. This is the visual imagery (layout and photos) as well as the written text on your product pages.

Far too often, even on big name brand websites, we see too little information, which can stop a buyer in their tracks. It's better to have more information that may be needed, than too little. Creating an entire persona which builds a better picture of your product is what sells it in the mind of the buyer.

ShopFactory helps you quickly build the visual product presentation when it comes to layout. But the text content you enter will play a major part in turning that visitor into a buyer. You just have to use the tools already present in the product page setup, and write the "what's in it for me" for the visitor.

On any website, the most important product presentation details must consist of the following:

  • A Title
  • A photo of the product you are selling, or multiple photos
  • The Price
  • The Introduction
  • A Description (this one covers off several sub-details below)

Using each one of these properly can be a major incentive to both search engines and prospective buyers. If written and used to full advantage, there's no reason why visitors will choose to stay on your page, as opposed to dropping right off to go look for other pages on the web which contain more detailed information.

Here's how to use each one correctly when building product pages.

A Title

Be brief, descriptive and to the point. When selling items — write in your most important keywords of the product.

IE: If selling a version of a brand name pair of jeans you would write:

Brand Name Denim Jeans Model 6007

A Photo

Pop in the photo, or when using several images — use the one which best shows all of your product as your main photo. Use the front full view, then add in your side and back views in order of importance. It's important to consider if product images should be shown as "in use", depending on your product. In the case of jeans, you would want to show a model wearing them to give your visitor a better idea of how they could see themselves wearing them. You get the idea.

The Price

A no brainer. You'll obviously want to price your product properly depending on your market, and competition.

The Introduction

This is where your sales pitch actually begins. The introduction should be one or two sentences that is a "to the point" sales pitch for your product. The writing should include the keywords from the title. It should also include a "what's in it for me" statement for the buyer.

IE: The most comfortable denim blue jeans to hit below the belt. Model 6007's make you feel sexy and comfortable for less.

A Description

Build upon your introduction and support your keywords, as well as the "what's in it for me" clauses. Keep your reader's interest and provide the details they are looking for. The description should include: other lesser important selling points in broader context, features, and a stats/data table a buyer would be interested in to help them decide on the product. This may also include options or add ons you are up selling with the product.

IE: The Brand Name 6007 jeans are made from a revolutionary new denim. Softer, more comfortable, and easier to slip on with the new grab-n-wear loops — you'll never tear the belt loop stitching again. Available in a wide variety of colors, including blue, stone wash and our ever popular paisley pink polka-a-dot striped zebra pattern - you're sure to be noticed whether in the library, at a party, or just riding the bulls at the stampede!

Etc. Don't overdo it. You don't want to overload a reader, just give them the right push to "Buy Now".

You can include other important bullet features using ShopFactory, as these are included in all the product styles. There are several of them to choose from. It might also be a good idea to set-up a sizing chart or style details using the "tables" feature, as well as color swatch images, if your product comes in several "flavors". You can set these up as options for your buyer using the ShopFactory product options settings as well.

In the end — remember — you're writing mainly for your visitors' market, so you'll want to do some research on them if you have access to market data. Anything you write should be written for the visitor first and foremost. Also do some research into how much text content to write for the search engines. This will help drive traffic with a little extra effort. The amount of text content to use changes from time to time, so be prepared to change your product page content at a later date.

Other important points to remember when writing for your products

Proofread your copy several times. Do not rely just on your spell checker. It can’t pack up on spoiling mistakes — this is an example in case you missed it — and grammatical errors in certain cases. One English professor taught me a good trick for proof reading — read your copy backwards

Get other people who have not read your copy to proof read. A pair of fresh eyes will help improve upon and catch mistakes you may have missed.

Do not use the text given to you by your supplier or manufacturer. If everyone uses the same content, you can’t set your selling apart from others on the web.

Talk directly to your customers who have purchased, or new sales leads to find out what information you might be missing. Talking to your customers will yield valuable information to make changes where you need to.

How you build the final persona in the presentation of your product will end up selling more than anything else. The complete package you draw up for your visitors is what makes up the perfect sales pitch.

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