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By recruiting resellers, you can grow your business exponentially with-out having to do all the work yourself.

By recruiting resellers, you can grow your business exponentially without having to do all the work yourself. Resellers can grow your business by word of mouth and in their own marketing, which leads new customers directly to you in the end.

ShopFactory Gold Total Care “Premium” services includes a Reseller Management System.

With the online Reseller Management System, you can assign specific discounts to resellers, wholesalers and dealers for your products and services. You can also set-up free shipping and tiered — or per product — discounting.

The reseller tools include similar functions similar to the Membership Management, such as: adding new resellers, bulk uploading lists, and a pre-configured automated 'Welcome: Reseller account set up' email script which includes their login details. The exception is, resellers cannot sign-up themselves; you as the merchant must set-up each reseller.

Some additional tools are included in the reseller listings. You as the merchant can view all orders tied to each reseller directly — so you can view how much volume a reseller does at a quick glance.

With both the Reseller Management and Customer Membership Management, you can also “hide pricing” completely or restrict viewing anything on your site — except the home page — until they login to your site.

ShopFactory Total Care adds extra power to your online marketing! It includes several other features specifically designed to boost your sales income and customer or reseller communication.

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