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Have your customers moved online? Don't let them get away. The Corona virus has fast-tracked the move to online shopping. With ShopFactory you can create a website and online store and take care of orders and customers. With the skills you already have.
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In the blink of an eye everything changed

Early this year the German Institute for Retail Research reported that up to 64,000 retail stores would disappear in Germany within 10 years. They would not survive the growing trend to buying online.

A trend repeated in countries all around the world.

Then Covid-19 hit. And dramatically shortened this time frame. In the blink of an eye everyone around the world started to buy online.

Even those, who never did before.

If you own a brick and mortar retail store, the virus has left you with few options. Because many shoppers will never return to buying everything in the real world. And unless you act now, these customers will be lost to you forever.

So how can ShopFactory help you?

Selling online made easy …

For 25 years ShopFactory has been the goto solution for micro and small businesses around the world. Because it includes all the functions you need to create, run and manage your own website and online store.


  • My Store

  • Products

  • My Orders

  • Marketing

  • Social

  • Analytics / SEO

No special skills needed

Use the strength of your own computer to build and manage your online store faster. And the strength of the cloud to manage orders, customers and marketing anywhere you want. ShopFactory is the original do-it-yourself eCommerce solution created to help you sell better. Tailor-made since 1995 for individual sellers, micro- and small businesses. Less waiting, more sales. No special skills needed.

Look great anywhere

More than 60% of online shoppers regularly browse the web with mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. ShopFactory automatically looks after them.

Create a powerful shopping experience

A host of easy to use features and tools helps you create a powerful professional online presence in one or multiple languages. Complete with integrated website, store, shopping cart and order management.  Here is a selection of some of the highlights.

  • Pickup and Pay

    Let customers pick up products and pay in your store. Or use payment and shipping services.

  • No transaction fees

    Don't pay extra for big orders. We don't charge transaction fees.

  • Build lots of stores

    Create as many stores as you want. Don't pay extra for every store you need.

  • Be independent

    Use your own server and Internet address. Or our free hosting service.

  • Sell to the world

    Sell products locally or worldwide. In multiple languages and currencies.

  • Liberate yourself

    Manage your orders from anywhere in the world. No need to be in the office.

  • Work without Internet

    Work on your store even when you're offline or your Internet connection is slow.

  • Loved by Google

    Integrated search engine optimization help you to the top of Google.

  • Leading Support

    Contact support when you need it, and we will look after you.

243,000 amazing sellers around the world put their trust in ShopFactory

Leading eCommerce since 1995

ShopFactory has been a leader in eCommerce development since 1995. Whether you want to create an amazing online store, want to add 'Buy Now buttons' to an existing website or need a real multi-channel sales solution. Or you want to offer an immersive 3D online shopping experience, which makes shopping as easy as buying from a normal website.

There is a ShopFactory solution for you.

Fully connected

To add even more power to ShopFactory you can connect to hundreds of service providers such as payment processors including PayPal and Amazon, shipping providers such as UPS and Fedex, marketing automation services such as Mailchimp and Hubspot, customer relationship management systems, accounting packages and more.

Bring your store to life with ShopFactory.
ShopFactory is the easy way to create mobile friendly websites and online stores.

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