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Be picky about your online business

So you have your ShopFactory 9 online store up and running. You have submitted it to search engines, and sit there waiting for the sales to come in. Now what?

Three reasons which stop store owners from hitting the big time

Most people will find it hard to earn money in running an online shop. It's not that they necessarily have to fail, they could succeed big time if they really wanted to. But, most people won't.

Five SEO requirements worth spending time on. Let ShopFactory 9 help you.

There is no doubt about it — with ShopFactory 9, you get the most SEO friendly e-commerce solution available on the market today.

Great sales features in ShopFactory 9

ShopFactory 9 has some great features for boosting and managing your sales. Along with creating a selling product page using the new product styles, ShopFactory 9 includes several tools you can use to bring traffic to your site.

10 Tips to transform product pages into sales magnets

Quite often a site owner will pour his heart and soul into a home page. And this is rightly so. If a shopper is not hooked on your home page — he or she will likely exit before taking a look at what you have to offer.

Ecommerce guide: Get an e-commerce solution or perish

e-Commerce has revolutionized shopping, whether you like it or not. The message is clear. If you do not use shopping cart software or have an e-commerce solution in place, you will be left behind.

Website promotion strategies for small business owners

Have you finished building a website? Do you have an idea on how to get enough traffic into your online store?

10 Quick SEO suggestions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major tool you use to drive traffic to your site. Getting to the top of search engines is not easy. It takes time and effort.

SEO vs. SEM – a clear understanding

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are misunderstood terms on the internet.

News pages on your online shop

Add 'news' pages in your online shop. It is a great way to stand out in a niche market.

E-commerce for beginners

E-commerce is booming. Hundreds of million of people are using the internet worldwide now to buy goods or services and research information. This number of people buying online is growing exponentially every day.

Five New Year’s Resolutions to boost online sales in 2012

Every time a year reaches its end, we make New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves in the coming year. But why limit these resolutions to ourselves?

Quick E-commerce Suggestions – Web Design and Colors

These days, your website is the first impression you make to the outside world. And your website should speak volumes about your company with-in only a few seconds. That's how long it takes for a new visitor, or customer, to assess your company for performance, credibility, relevance and usability.

A total solution for security, compatibility and growing your online business

Doing business online is a fast pace industry. In any technology driven industry, keeping pace with the changes means it is an absolute must that you upgrade when new versions of software are released.

Important PCI Compliance changes to manual credit card processing

As part of our ongoing changes for PCI Compliance, ShopFactory Merchants who manually process credit cards will notice some changes on the order notifications and in the secure GlobeCharge account.

Videos increase your online sales

One of the difficulties in selling online has always been the "impersonal reality" of online shopping. There is an increasing trend over the past few years towards using videos to promote and sell your products or services.

Drawing more traffic with landing pages

A major benefit with ShopFactory is you can create unlimited pages on your website. It is important to remember that any content you add to your site is a potential landing page for new traffic and visitors.

Cornerstones of online marketing, 10 tips for online marketers

Selling and marketing online holds the same principles as it does offline. Product, Price, Promotion and Placement are the principle 4 "P's" of marketing.

ShopFactory SEO – search engine optimization

ShopFactory is already search engine friendly — meaning it builds pages that search engines can read. All you have to do is add your text content as you build each page.

Product Meta-Tags

With ShopFactory — it is now possible to Search Engine Optimize all your products using this same SEO tool.

Adding global HTML to your site

One of the features is a revised set of options to add or Edit HTML on your site globally. With the revised Edit or Add HTML feature, you can add HTML and specify where you want the HTML feature app to be placed on your site in specific areas.

Become an authority website using ShopFactory

Search Engines consider many factors inside your website — including over-all content. Your goal is to become an "authority website" on the content in your site. An authority website has multiple pages with related and relevant content of similar nature.

ShopFactory web page SEO search engine optimization

Now the other important factor to consider is the "Page Filename:" as you will see in this window. By re-naming your HTML page file name you can add an extra boost to your page keywords.

Page meta-tags and keywords

You should always optimize your keywords and meta-tags on each page of your website.

Bulk importing of products from a database

ShopFactory 8 has a substantial amount of improvements for speed. But did you know that along with the front end solutions — there are back end features included in ShopFactory 8 Total Care Unlimited which you can use to speed up your workflow?

Print address labels with ease

Printing address labels is a function in Total Care, to make your life easier. You can print address labels with ease directly from the 'Order Page' of GlobeCharge / Total Care.

ShopFactory GDPR webinar

All You Need To Know About The GDPR & ShopFactory will be shown in our webinar on Thursday May 31 13:00 CET

You can signup for free and if you are unable to join us you should still signup as yu will receive a replay link shortly after the webinar has ended

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