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Old Tutorials

Here you will find a number of video tutorials to help you use ShopFactory products and services. Just click on a video to watch it.

Creating a new store

Check out how to create a new store with ShopFactory. It's easier than you may think.

Working with pages

You can use ShopFactory to create your complete website. Here you see how to add and manage pages.

Working with products

Watch how you can list your products in ShopFactory and see some of the functions you can add to them.

Working with product templates

Product templates can help you save time by making it faster to create and update products.

Quick editing of similar products

Apply templates to edit existing products after finding products with similar traits etc..

Fast adding of products using a template

Use existing products as templates for new ones. Copy properties and information from existing products into new ones to fill up your shop.

Product status overview

ShopFactory interface shows the status of a product or paragraph at a glance.....

Responsive design

This video will show you how ShopFactory 10 handles Responsive Design. The website automatically responds to the device it's viewed from, from smartphones to laptops.

Discount by Criteria

Set up discounts based on product criteria, such as brands, manufacturers or distributors to quickly apply shop wide discounts.

Editing website Areas

Select individual HTML areas on your website and put anything in them, including images, text and more.

Product and page wizard

Powerful product and page wizards for fast and convienent way to update your website.

Cross promotional tool

Showcase products that other customers bought before the current one to help increases sales.

Quantity discounts

Set up a discount applicable to a certain order quantity. A customer can click a set amount from the product page and order the discounted amount right away.

Express checkout

See how customers can purchase, check out, pay quickly and track their order without having to enter all of their personal details...

Exporting and importing products

Checkout how to export one or multiple products from one shop to another ....

Promoting related products

See how to add related products to your pages to help grow your sales...

Retrying failed transactions

ShopFactory 10 lets customers retry failed transactions. This video will show you how this works...

Cookie warning

Want to warn your customer about your shop's cookie utilisation? See how to activate a customisable cookie warning ...

Adding images to subpage links

In this tutorial you will learn how to add images to your subpage navigation links. This will allow your customers to easier navigate your website

Full view editor

Edit your website while viewing it in its final state. Modify pages and watch the website change as you do it.

European Ecommerce laws

On June 13, 2014 new European rules regarding e-commerce practice became law. Of course you will automatically be in compliance with the new law - with ShopFactory Version 10!

Why is ShopFactory faster than others?

ShopFactory Version 9

Check out some of the features from ShopFactory 9 Pro and Gold which help make creating your store and promoting your products easier than ever.

ShopFactory website settings

Video tutorial about ShopFactory Central which has been designed to provide you quick and easy access to many important functions in ShopFactory.

How to use the Import wizard

See how ShopFactory Database Import Wizard allows you to import product data from any database with ODBC or OLE-DB Connectivity. There is almost nothing you can not import, depending on the version of ShopFactory you have.

How to add products

Video tutorial: Adding products to a page in ShopFactory is point and click easy. This video shows you how it is done.

Link image groups

Check out how to create a new store with ShopFactory. It's easier than you may think.

Get started with ShopFactory Pro and Gold

Getting started with ShopFactory Pro and Gold desktop software. View the most important functions in ShopFactory and how to use them.

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