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About us

In 1995 we came up with the idea to create ShopFactory. The world's first Do It Yourself eCommerce solution for small business owners. The result is 3D3.COM, the company behind ShopFactory. We have been going ever since.

Today ShopFactory is one of the most powerful eCommerce solution available: with stores running in almost every country in the world and with employees on four continents.

We have continuously developed and improved ShopFactory now for two decades, based on the feedback of our successful customers.

Always with the aim to keep ShopFactory simple enough for any user.

ShopFactory is the original DIY eCommerce solution, trusted by more than 240,000 online sellers since we started.

Helping businesses succeed online is what we enjoy doing the most.

3D3.COM Pty. Ltd.

Company Number:
ABN 19 086 333 280

5 Hampshire Road 
Glen Waverley
Victoria 3150

Tel. : +61 3 9590 0654
Sales enquiries only.
Weekdays 9am to 5pm.


Bring your store to life with ShopFactory.
ShopFactory is the easy way to create mobile friendly websites and online stores.

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