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Design your own gift vouchers with ShopFactory Cloud

Did you know you can create and sell your own gift cards and vouchers with ShopFactory?

According to a study by Ernst & Young around 54% of customers plan to give away Gift Cards or money this Christmas. This makes gift cards and money the number one present, ahead even of books and sweets.

So if you are not already selling gift cards, you are probably missing out on sales.

And now, with the recent release of ShopFactory Cloud as part of your ShopFactory 11 subscription, you can make your gift cards look even better with your own custom designs.

Content blocks are coming to ShopFactory

We are changing the way the page editor works and are adding a new block editor.  Soon you will be able to drag great looking content blocks directly into your description to create better looking content pages than ever.

Check out the video to find out more.

Is the new Facebook Market Place a threat?

Earlier this month Facebook launched a new mobile Marketplace in the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. And it plans to roll it out in other countries, too.

Which means it will be coming to you soon, too.

Launched as a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community, it works on mobile phones and tablets which have the mobile Facebook app installed.  That’s almost one billion active users every day around the world.

So should you as a seller be concerned about this new competition? Or see it as a new opportunity for more sales?

D.I.Y. search engine optimization

If search engines can’t find your online store for an important search word, does your store really exist?

Not for buyers who are doing a search online. And that means lost sales.

While ShopFactory does a lot of automatic search engine optimization, you can achieve even better rankings by using the ShopFactory functions to optimize your store even further.

Introducing ShopFactory Cloud

we are about to launch ShopFactory Cloud, an improved order management Interface for ShopFactory 11 users.

If you use ShopFactory 11, then ShopFactory Cloud replaces the old Total Care Interface.

The new interface is mobile compatible, making it easier for you to manage orders on the go.

The Interface has been streamlined to help you work more productively.

ShopFactory Cloud not only provides improved order management interfaces but also offers you many new functions, such as the ability to create your own cloud products. This will allow you to market and sell your products via any imaginable channel in addition to your ShopFactory website.

Amazon and eBay alternative

Your own Amazon and eBay alternative platform

Make the most out of selling on eBay and Amazon but make sure you also run your own alternative, independent online store with a powerful ecommerce solution such as ShopFactory which allow you to sell your products on eBay and Amazon in addition to your own website.

At ShopFactory we believe running your own, independent online store is an absolute must. At least if you want to establish lasting success as online seller.

Yeah, right.

After all, there are millions of people who sell their wares on eBay and Amazon every day. Are we really claiming they are all getting it wrong?

The answer is: it depends. On what they want to achieve and how willing they are to gamble with their future.

Because the business goals of Amazon and eBay are very different from yours. And that difference can turn setting up on their portals into quite a gamble.

Let me explain.

ShopFactory 11 Pre-Release

We have been testing and improving ShopFactory 11 for most of 2015. Now we are finally ready, and many of its testers have already successfully switched their online stores to ShopFactory 11. Not only have they been getting great feedback from their customers - their sales have also improved considerably.

Using Dimensional Weight for Shipping Products

Dimensional weight is also known as volumetric weight. It is used by shipping providers to compensate for larger items, which physically weigh less and take up a larger volume of space. When shipping products, you as an online merchant, must use either the physical weight or the "DIM weight" in your shipping weight calculations - whichever is greater. DIM weight is a tactic used by freight carriers to ensure they don’t lose money on large items which may be lightweight but take up a larger volume of space on their transport vehicle(s).

Using UPS Negotiated Rates in ShopFactory

ShopFactory has released a new feature in the Real Time UPS shipping rates integration that allows a merchant to use their "Negotiated Rates" instead of Published rates. Lower shipping rates can often mean the difference between an online sale, and an abandoned sale for some merchants.

Mobile compatibility is the new king

You may not know this. But, in 2014 - Mobile device usage sharply overtook desktop usage - and continued on a dramatic upward trend. The average mobile media user usage in hours per day was 2.8 hours compared to 2.4 hours on desktop media usage. In comparison, in 2011 mobile usage was just 0.8 hours per day. With the explosion of mobile device use and easily accessible information on the go - it’s no small wonder. "Mobility" is just that.

PCI Compliance Information

ShopFactory ecommerce solutions are PCI compliant which is an essential part in keeping your customer's payment details secure.  This is particularly important for merchants who accept credit card payments.
Most online merchants use automatic credit card processing via realtime payment gateway providers such as PayPal, WorldPay, AuthorizeNet, 2Checkout, etc. who are also PCI compliant. The fact that both ShopFactory and the real time payment gateway providers are PCI compliant ensures your customer's payment details are safe and secure at all times.

Key to success — Continuous experimentation to grow your online business

It doesn’t matter how well your store is built or how good it looks. There is always something you can improve.
The key to success is continuous experimentation to find out what works and what doesn’t in a fast changing environment.

Start with your WHY and set yourself apart

In a world where customers have the choice of multiple virtually identical products and services for just about anything they want – how do you make them pick yours?

Best reasons to start an online business

Owning a business can be emotionally fulfilling and financially enriching. Tens of thousands of new ventures are started each year. eCommerce businesses require less capital and less time to start than brick-and-mortar retail or service operations. So why not get going?

Quick website changes for Christmas buying season

ShopFactory will soon be offering a full range of customization and other fulfillment services — to help you go even further online!

Quick Sales Conversion Ideas for Mobile Devices

ShopFactory 10 has a great new mobile compatible feature so both PC and Mobile visitors can get the most out of your site. Because ShopFactory 10 automatically builds your mobile site version - it saves you time and work effort! All you have to do is publish your site as you normally do and the mobile version of your site is updated along with your regular site.

6 SEO Reminders That Can Drive Holiday Traffic

As we head into the holiday season amid mixed economic signals, merchants are looking to maximize visibility while keeping expenses in check.

Oh No!!! It's Christmas Again!

It is October and Christmas is just around the corner... Like many online retailers, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Orders double, then triple, then go through the roof. It is always better to plan ahead and be ready for the rush. No doubt you will be concentrating in what to stock, and what not to stock. Planning ahead is best on how to spend that limited budget on getting in the right holiday bestsellers. All too often it is easy to forget the non-stock essentials.

NEW ShopFactory Customization Services

ShopFactory will soon be offering a full range of customization and other fulfilment services — to help you go even further online!

SEO Tips — Practicing good product page tactics

One of the most costly mistakes an online merchant can make is on their product pages. Not only are these pages important for your customers eyes — they can draw them into your site from the search engine when used properly. Online shoppers are fickle and frugal. And they’re smarter than you’re average flea market bargain hunter!

What is good web design?

Basic areas which are important to understand in web design are in your graphics, page layouts, fonts and Corporate Branding.

What is ShopFactory Total Care?

Our sales team is asked regularly what does Total Care do for me? Total Care is a robust set of secure services that extends the functionality of selling online for ShopFactory eCommerce merchants. It adds additional features for merchants to build and maintain their business presence, stay in contact with customers, and report on important sales and statistical data in real time.

IMPORTANT NEWS — ShopFactory now supports publishing via SFTP/FTPS

ShopFactory 10 — now supports SFTP / FTPS for third party hosting when publishing.

Best HTML Code Design and SEO Practices

With ShopFactory you can achieve a great deal with it’s powerful built in point and click web editing. But for more advanced HTML/CSS users — you can modify page HTML and CSS to accomplish more complex layouts including DIV design elements and additional SEO value attributes. For most eCommerce merchants the standard point and click editing features will do quite fine.

Five Great Tips For Better Sales Conversions

As an eCommerce merchant, you already know the importance of closing sales quickly with the tools you have on your website. But many merchants still rely on the “if you build it they will come” mentality. Online sales are not just about “online tactics”.

ShopFactory Time Saving Forgotten Features

If you're like most merchants, you probably don't have enough time in the day to do all the things that need to be done. But that's where ShopFactory comes in! Over the years we have released new time saving features — which can help add hours back into your day so you can focus on other tasks.

Important European eCommerce Practice Becomes Law

On June 13, 2014 the planned new European rules regarding e-commerce practice became law. From that moment on, your shop is expected to comply with these new regulations. Of course you will automatically be in compliance with the new law — with ShopFactory Version 10!

Santu / GlobeCharge is Heartbleed Safe

Santu and GlobeCharge servers are protected against the Heartbleed vulnerability. However, we recommend all users to update their passwords to ensure they have not been compromised.

Viral Marketing Techniques the Typical Business Website Can Deploy Now

If you're creative, you may be able to come up with a brilliant viral marketing business plan based on "Simple Principles of Viral Marketing." Here are some good viral marketing techniques you can deploy immediately that will help you to start building a viral marketing campaign.

Coming Soon — Developer Super Templates

ShopFactory has been hard at work developing a new solution for website developers and power users!

Protection against Heartbleed Bug

You may have heard about the Heartbleed bug on the Internet in the past few days. We would like to we would like to let you know that the GlobeCharge, Santu and ShopFactory servers are protected against it.

Writing a good Quick Buy Proposition

Take two minutes to read this - I’ll put $50.00 in your pocket.

Well, it’s as simple as that. Writing a good “Quick Buy Proposition” amounts to one thing:

Website to create websites

ShopFactory ecommerce solution and website provides the perfect website design ideas to create professional websites and online sores.

The best navigation is one that a young child can understand. You should leave out any fancy flash menus or excessive multi-tiered drop down menus. They only serve to make navigating the site harder.

Getting to Know Your eCommerce Customers

Whether you are planning to launch a new online store, new product lines, or an entirely new business, you need to know who your target consumers are and how to reach them.

Bad Habits To Avoid When Writing Web Content

Since the arrival of Google's Panda update in February 2012, content writers have been working hard to do the right thing, and either avoid being mauled by the Panda or mend the damage already done on their websites.

Why Choosing ShopFactory Is Right For Your Online Business

In today's online market, technology and trends move faster than ever. Staying up to date, complying with country & regional laws and looking professional are the top issues you need to consider when choosing an online platform for your website.

Mobile Traffic Serves Up Big Increases

It's no small wonder that eCommerce merchants have seen major increases in mobile device use. Sales of Smartphones hit a staggering 1.86 billion in 2013 — and a forecast of an expected 6.6 billion mobile devices will be in use by the end of 2017.

How To Get Trust From Online Shoppers

The amount of people that are doing their shopping online continues to increase rapidly. eCommerce websites will continue to take a higher percentage of sales from brick and mortar stores as shoppers realize and appreciate the convenience and ease of online shopping.

How to Diversify Your Traffic Sources

As an eCommerce store owner, you likely feel captive to what Google decides to do with its algorithms, search user interface, and ad placements.

Generating Revenues in the Post Holiday Period

For many online retailers, the month of January is a slow one. Consumers are generally paying off Christmas purchases and the remaining online shoppers are seeking good deals on accessories in the hopes of taking advantage of clearance sales.

ShopFactory Boosts Sales at

Quite often we’re even surprised at how well some of our customers do when they move over to ShopFactory. Well, okay just a little surprised. After all, we designed ShopFactory to do just that.

Why it pays to be up to date

If you are like me, you probably hate updating your software. After all you are use to the way it works. It seems to be doing its job and you really have other things to worry about, which are far more important.

Do not rely on e-mails to receive orders — Use Total Care!

With all the spam filters set up by email providers, ISP's and hosting companies, your order confirmation e-mail which was once safe — is not anymore.

10 Holiday Season Online Marketing Tips

As the busy holiday season is upon us, and we all have lots to do - What better to do than shop online? Your customers know this and be assured, online seasonal shopping continues to grow.

Practicing Good Password Security

Quite often username and password characters can be a problem for most of us. At some point, we all get frustrated when trying to use them. These days using complex login information is very important though. Especially online when setting up or using hosting, secure accounts and email accounts.

ShopFactory 10 out now: Better and more mobile

We have just released ShopFactory 10 — our best ShopFactory ever! Do more with fewer click with the brand new interface. Make your stores work perfectly on all devices — from mobile phones right up to desktop PCs. And that's just the beginning.

Protect Your Online Business Reputation

Protecting your company's online reputation from negative comments is something every business may have to deal with. Whether from a disgruntled employee, an upset customer, and even competitors actions.

Developing Original Content

There's so much content on the Internet. This is why it is very important these days to develop more unique content for your products and website pages.

Go for the Gold — ShopFactory!

Build multiple websites with ShopFactory Gold; Gold — it's not only a precious metal. It's a valuable business tool for managing your online presence!

Protecting Your Business Using Fraud Protection — ShopFactory Total Care

As a ShopFactory Total Care user, you have access to a very important online Fraud Protection Service automatically. Fraud Protection is a security protocol build into your Total Care account which notifies you when a potential fraudulent order has taken place on your website or an order has been placed with a higher level of risk than you may be willing or able to accept without doing some further security checks.