How to secure your success when selling online

We started more than 20 years ago to help people succeed, who want to sell their products online.

So they can build themselves a secure future as online sellers.

The result: ShopFactory. A professional eCommerce solution designed to help you sell online successfully by empowering you to build and manage your own, independent online store.

Without any special skills.

Build your independent website with ease. Display your products in the best possible light, regardless of how your customers access the Internet.

Accept payments and manage orders, shipping and customers.

Without breaking the bank.

In fact most of our customers spend more money on their mobile phone plans than on ShopFactory.

And they all have created their own, independent online stores.

Because over 20 years of customer feedback have proven one thing to be true again and again: To build long lasting success as online seller you must own your customers. Which means you must sell through your own, independent online store.


If you build an independent online store, you own your customers.

Not a shopping portal like Amazon or eBay.

You can market to your customers whenever you want.

When your customers talk about their purchases, they promote your store, not Amazon or another portal.

With your own store you don’t have to worry that thousands of other merchants will underbid your best offers.

There are no links on your product pages which promote your competitors.

And you don't have to pay up to 20% of every sale to eBay or Amazon.

With eBay or Amazon you can make some money.

With your own store you can take control and build yourself a secure future

That's why more than 245,000 online sellers have made ShopFactory their eCommerce tool of choice to sell online.

ShopFactory has been continuously developed and improved for more than 20 years, based on the feedback from our most successful customers.

If you can use a computer, you can use ShopFactory to

  • create your own stunning website with automatic product listings and integrated shopping cart software
  • sell to customers who use desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones
  • reach top position in Google search results
  • accept payments and manage your orders from anywhere in the world
  • convert more visitors to buyers and boost your income
  • create your own list of customers
  • manage shipping and deliveries
  • market your products
  • sell via your own website, Facebook and other social media
  • and much more ...

Attract more customers with beautiful designs

Always put your best foot forward!

Look great on computers, tablets and mobile phones

More than 50% of shoppers regularly browse the web with mobile devices. Your ShopFactory store automatically looks after them.

Create a powerful shopping experience

A host of easy to use features and tools help you create a powerful professional online website: complete with integrated store and shopping cart. Here is a selection of some of the features available to you.

Lifetime License
Lifetime License
Continue to use ShopFactory even if you stop paying monthly fees!
No transaction fees
No transaction fees
Dont pay extra for big orders. We dont charge transaction fees.
Build lots of stores
Build lots of stores
Create as many stores as you want. Dont pay extra for every store you need.
Be independent
Be independent
Use your own server and Internet address. Or our free hosting service.
Be international
Be international
Sell products locally or worldwide. In multiple languages and currencies.
Liberate yourself
Liberate yourself
Manage your orders from anywhere in the world - even away from the office.
Work without Internet
Work without Internet
Work on your store even when you are offline or your Internet is slow.
Loved by Google
Loved by Google
Integrated search engine optimization tools help you to the top of Google.
Great support
Great support
Contact support when you need it - and we will look after you.
Thanks to ShopFactory we continue to grow each year by 60% or more with our sales.