Website builder with shopping cart

  • it is easy to use yet powerful
  • it includes everything needed to create and run a successful online business
  • it includes a secure shopping cart with over 80 real time payment gateway integrations
  • it provides fully customizable modern and professional website and online store designs

Great Google rankings

ShopFactory also helps you achieve great rankings in search engines such as Google.

Its extensive list of features was designed to help you succeed as online seller without breaking the bank and without requiring any special knowledge.


20 years experience become your secret weapon

We have continuously developed and improved ShopFactory since 1995 as do-it-yourself solution for online sellers and shop owners. Much longer than any other solution provider in the market.

In fact since we started out we have seen countless eCommerce companies come and go. Some valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

One simple goal

Right from the beginning we had one simple goal: we wanted to make it easy and affordable to start selling online for everyone.

Along the way we packed everything we learned and the feedback from more than 243,000 store owners from around the world into ShopFactory.  Making ShopFactory better and more powerful year after year.

Your secret weapon

Today we give you the opportunity to use the 20 years of experience and feedback baked into ShopFactory as your secret weapon to become a successful online seller.

But don't just believe us.  Try ShopFactory for free. Or scroll down to see what our customers say.


Great design on desktops, tablets and phones

To become a successful online seller your store has to look great and make buying easy.

Not just on desktop computers but also on tablets and mobile phones. After all: up to 50 per cent of buyers use mobile phones and tablets in some stores !

ShopFactory does all of this automatically for you. Just add your content and it takes care of the rest.

Even Google approves of how mobile friendly your ShopFactory store will turn out!

However that is just one of the many reasons why ShopFactory is such a great choice.

Have a look at our Store Gallery to see some examples.

Thanks to ShopFactory we continue to grow each year by 60% or more with our sales.

Robert Parsons, Vice President, OreWeb Canada

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Full of features and experience

Designed for ease of use ShopFactory is filled to the brim with all the features and functions you need to become a successful online seller. And many more which will come in handy, when you are. 

Two decades of continuous development experience and customer feedback have turned ShopFactory into one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions available today.

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Three easy steps to start with ShopFactory

Download ShopFactory and install it on your computer. It only takes a few minutes.

Select a great website design, add pages and products and publish your store online.

Receive and manage orders, payments, shipping, customers, members and promotions.